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A White Dove Release is a graceful way to honor the life of your loved one as well as offering a final tribute to them at the time of their passing. Releases add a comforting touch to Memorials and Grave Side Services. 

A Dove's Heaven Bound Flight, spreads healing to those in mourning, bringing closure to those close to the dearly departed, along with a heart felt good bye and the Eternal Peace of letting go.


A single white dove is released, which signifies the memorial spirit The breath taking site of this dove ascending towards Heaven, will bring tears of closure to the eyes of those witnessing this blessed event.


Then a joyous flutter of white wings, as three more dove are released representing the Holy Trinity, there to escort the spirit of the loved one on his or her journey home. Sacred moments like these will be etched forever in the minds of family and friends, bringing a peaceful closure into their hearts and minds.